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Navigating the dynamic Milton Keynes property market requires strategic planning due to its competitiveness and rapid pace. We recommend that our clients promptly register their specific needs and requirements with us. This enables us to tailor our assistance in finding the ideal property for them.

Upon registration, our commitment is to swiftly share details of our newly listed properties, ensuring you are among the first to receive updates as soon as they go live. Stay ahead in the competitive market by registering with us today for a personalized and efficient property search experience.

What can you afford?

We recommend our clients proactively manage their finances before embarking on property viewings. Our Mortgage Consultant, Adam Mcgrath, holds access to the entire market, offering exclusive deals and rates that can be personalized to meet your specific needs. Ensure a well-informed financial approach to your property search in Milton Keynes by consulting with Adam for expert mortgage advice and tailored solutions.

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Do you need to sell?

If you’re considering selling your property, we recommend scheduling a valuation and taking proactive steps to prepare your property for the market. In the swiftly moving Milton Keynes property market, being well-prepared is crucial to avoid missing out on your dream home. Take advantage of our free valuation services, and if your property falls within our area, we’d be delighted to assist you in navigating the competitive real estate landscape. Ensure you’re ready for success in the Milton Keynes property market with our expert guidance.


Secure your viewing effortlessly by booking online or reaching out to our office via phone.

Rest assured, we’ll be there with you during the viewings, ready to promptly address any questions and provide guidance as needed. Make the most of your property search with our dedicated support and seamless viewing experience in Milton Keynes.

Making an offer

Once you discover the ideal property, feel free to submit your offer promptly.

Upon acceptance of your offer, we’ll clearly outline the necessary steps and inquire about any specific conditions you may have, communicating these details to the owner.

To move forward, you might be required to provide evidence of your mortgage in principle and share your solicitor details.

It’s important to note that legal obligations do not arise for either party until contracts are signed. Navigate the property acquisition process seamlessly in Milton Keynes with our expert guidance.

Offer Accepted

Upon acceptance of your offer, we’ll take the following steps:

  1. Verify your solicitor and mortgage details.
  2. Confirm the agreed price with all involved parties.
  3. Generate a memorandum of sale.

Subsequently, we’ll require confirmation that you’ve instructed your solicitor to proceed with the conveyancing process and that your mortgage broker (if needed) has been instructed to advance your application. Trust us to guide you seamlessly through this post-offer phase as you progress toward property acquisition.


Once the conveyancing process starts your solicitor will do the following:

  • Request the draft contracts from the seller’s solicitor
  • Once draft contract received they will request their own local searches
  • Raising any necessary enquires
  • Send documents out to sign and witness
  • Agree on a date for exchange of contracts

We will assist you throughout this process helping you chase any issue up and guide you to exchange of contracts.

Survey & Mortgage offer

A survey of the property will be booked by a surveyor on behalf of the mortgage lender to check the property value and on some occasions the structure of the property depending on the type of survey you choose.

After the mortgage valuation report is received, a formal mortgage offer will be sent to you and your solicitor which you will need to sign.

Exchange of Contracts

When your solicitor is happy with all the answers to enquiries and contracts have been signed by both parties, you would transfer your deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) to your solicitor. This needs to be an instant transfer as your solicitor will require cleared funds to proceed.

They will then ask the mortgage lender to confirm they will release funds on the agreed completion date (which is by mutual agreement) and once confirmation is received they will release to the sellers’ solicitor asking for exchange.


It’s moving day!

Completion is when the monies (usually 90%) are transferred from your solicitor to the seller’s solicitor’s account.

Once we receive confirmation from the sellers solicitor we can release the keys to you.


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